5 Useful Tips to Help You Get a Faculty Job

A lot of people graduating every year apply for the post of an academic faculty with the hope of getting placed in some of the best universities. After being shortlisted, you will have to convince the interviewing panel about your skills and strengths and that you have what is required to add value to the university and to teach various subjects to the students.

To help and guide our readers grab the best teacher careers or faculty careersat the most prominent universities, we have compiled some useful tips.

  1. Research about the University and the Faculty: Doing your homework right about the university, their subjects and the faculty will surely go a long way in helping you crack the interview. It showcases the sense of confidence and being job ready to the interviewer. Quote past experiences where you have exhibited dedication and gone an extra mile to teach your students and deliver results.


  1. Explore Your Available Resources: Building a strong network of connects is an added benefit at any time. Your mentor, friends and colleagues can also help you with some of the best openings they are aware of. Always remember that your mentor can have great source of information about the various openings.However, he can only open the door for you; getting the job is solely your responsibility.


  1. Let Your Presentations Talk for You: Keep your presentations interesting and short; do not overload then with words. Also highlight your achievements and quote real life examples and scenarios. This will add value to your presentation and your profile. Time your presentation well, so you have scope for questions and discussions during the presentation. Keeping it interactive will not only keep the audience engaged, but also add value to your presentation.


  1. Dress Appropriately: Attend the interview well dressed and presentable. Put up your best appearance for a great start to the interview. Wear formal dress and a smile. Always remember people will remember you for your skills and information and not the colourful dress you wear to an interview.


  1. Keep Yourself Updated: The golden rule to success is never to break up with your books. Stay updated about the latest teaching methods and techniques. Your knowledge about the subject is also very important to succeed as a faculty. Moving with the latest trends and staying updated will ease the interview process.

These five simple and useful tips will come handy to crack your interview and grab the job of a faculty. A faculty who shapes a student’s future is respectable in the society and people always look up to you for your advice and guidance. Maintaining the right decorum not only during the interview, but also in your job adds value to your persona.


Outdoor Education

With nature we can do anything including developing knowledge and doing the learning process is no less effective with the learning process conducted in the classroom. The learning process in out-of-class activities is basically to provide the widest opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the mastery of:
1. The concept of sound and knowledge relating to human and natural resources
2. Life skills that produce health, prosperity, creative and refreshing way of living
3. A positive attitude that reflects the harmony of man and nature
So that out-of-class activities provide elements that are important to a healthy, productive and lasting society.

Understanding Classroom Activities

Out-of-school education is an out-of-school activity that includes activities outside of the classroom / school and in the outdoors, such as: playing in school environments, parks, farming / fishing, camping, and adventure activities, as well as developing relevant knowledge aspects. In other terms, Outdoor Activities Classroom is an education conducted outside the classroom or outside the school building, or is in the wild, such as: playing in the neighborhood around the school, in the park, in the fishing village / coastal areas, farmers / Camping, adventure, so that knowledge and values ​​related to outdoor activities are obtained.

 From the above two conclusions can be concluded that the activities outside the classroom is a learning process conducted outside the classroom or the outdoors, by utilizing existing equipment so as to bring the creativity and gain knowledge and recreation.

Main Concepts in Outside Classroom Education

Through educational point of view, education activities conducted outside the school environment or outside the formal schooling environment, at least contains 3 main concepts, namely the concept of learning process, outdoor activities and environment.

  1. Concept of Learning Process
    Learning through out-of-class activities is an interdisciplinary learning process through a series of   designed to be done outside the classroom. This approach consciously exploits the potential of the natural setting to contribute to physical and mental development. By raising awareness of the interrelationships with nature, the program can change attitudes and behavior toward nature.
  2. The Concept of Classroom Activities
    This approach uses outdoor living and camping activities, which provides many opportunities for students to acquire and master basic skills, attitudes and appreciation of the various things in nature and social life. Forms of outdoor activities can be: camping, mountain climbing, exploring, fishing, cooking, studying nature, living in the countryside, primitive living, crafts and so on.
  3. Environmental Concept
    The concept of environment refers to ecological exploration as the mainstay of living beings that depend on each other. The main purpose of this program is to explain our function in the universe and show how to maintain the quality of the natural environment for present and future interests.

Purpose of Classroom Activities

The educational goals that are generally wanted to be achieved through out-of-school activities or outside the school environment are:

  1. Make every individual have a unique opportunity to develop creativity and personal initiative.
  2. Provide a meaningful setting for attitude formation.
  3. Develop awareness, appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and how humans have a relationship with it.
  4. Helping to realize the potential of each individual for the soul, body and spirit can develop optimally.
  5. Provide ‘context’ in the process of introduction of social life by providing opportunities for children to feel directly.
  6. Enable students to develop

Child education psychology

Etymologically, this psychological term is derived from Greek, which is from the word “psyche” which means soul, and logos which means science. So literally, psychology is the science of the soul, or a science that studies the psychological symptoms. However, when referring to one of the requirements of science that is the object studied then it is not appropriate to interpret psychology as a science of the soul because the soul has abstract nature.Therefore that needs to be studied is the manifestation of the soul itself is manifested in a person’s behavior when interacting with the surrounding environment. With that basis it can be interpreted psychology is a study of science that studies the behavior of individuals or a person in interacting with the environment.

Education can be defined as a process of growth that takes place because of the actions in learning. While the definition of educational psychology is a systematic learning of processes and factors that have something to do with the field of education. It can be concluded that the teaching and learning process is the main goal of educational psychology.

In teaching and learning activities, the core of psychological problems is the students themselves. This does not mean we forget the psychological problems of an educator, but an educator is those who have gone through the process.
Education is long enough and they usually already have a good enough psychology maturity as stock of an educator in teaching.

As an educator must have the ability to understand the psychology of children’s education through some psychological considerations, by understanding child psychology is expected to:

  1.  Determine the appropriate method or learning strategy for the child
  2.  Facilitating and motivating students’ interest.
  3.  Giving guidance and counseling to students.
  4.  Formulate or determine the most appropriate learning objectives.
  5.  Conduct a fair assessment of learning outcomes.
  6.  Create a conducive learning atmosphere.
  7.  Conducting interaction with good and right with the students.


Students are the target objects in the learning process that are expected to have characteristics, behaviors and have the ability that is different from each other. Therefore, in the learning process, a teacher or educator must be able to pay attention to psychological factors. Why are psychological factors so important? Because in education there is a process of behavioral change gained through teaching and learning, which can not be separated from psychology


How to Teach Through Play

Who says learning has to be boring, scary, mundane and un-fun? According to the National Association of the Education of Young Children play based learning is essential especially in very young children. From Play-dough to building blocks and make-believe to puppets every aspect of a young child’s early years helps to develop what that child needs to live as a properly functioning adult. As a parent, you should never underestimate the power of play. Some of the things that kids learn through play include: cognitive skills when playing grocery store, physical agility when balancin#bookmark=id.gjdgxsg blocks, enhanced vocabulary when playing with dinosaurs, social skills when playing pretend, literacy skills when playing create a restaurant menu. Playing games as a young child is never a waste of time. When children play it also helps them to reduce stress and is over all healthy and extremely beneficial to their wellbeing. Make time for play today, your child will thank you when they are older.

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5 Tips to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

It certainly helps to have the smarts in the workplace when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, but there are other ways to reach your goals in your career other than being the brightest in the business. Here are some tips to help you expand your career and climb the ranks within your company.

Challenge the Current Mindset

Those who are able to challenge the norm and think outside the box are the ones who are able to break through current paradigms. They seek different ways of thinking and doing. Be the person who looks for ways to break the paradigm in your niche. Mull over your ideas with your leaders at work. It can be a great way to get noticed, which will increase the likelihood of being invited to take part in programs and projects that require unique thinking within your company and give you the recognition you need to climb the corporate ladder.

Continue Your Education

No matter what field you happen to be in, the path to success always involves continuing education. You may have a BA, MBA, or an even higher degree, but you still need to keep yourself up-to-date in your industry. Times change, and with that also comes change in how things are done in the workforce. Keeping yourself educated in your field can help you keep your finger on the pulse of changes that you need to be aware of to help you do your job more effectively and eventually give you the credentials needed to advance your career. Click here for more information on continuing your education to get a jump start in the corporate world.

Take Initiative

Don’t wait to be told what to do. Instead, take charge and do what you know needs to be done. Leaders in companies like to see their workforce take initiative, particularly when it’s aimed at enhancing the team’s advancement towards achieving a common goal. If you know that something will eventually need to be done, do it before your leaders even have the chance to tell you.

Seek Out a Mentor

Mentorship can certainly be an extremely powerful tool for advancing your career. A solid, experienced mentor can be your guide as you make your way through the corporate environment. Find someone whom you respect and would want to be like, and they will likely appreciate the flattery as well as the opportunity to help you.