Connecting to The Other Side

Have you ever wondered how people “just know” about the future? Is it a real capability or is it a hoax? Some people are born with the ability to feel, sense, see, or hear Spirit from birth and others develop these gifts later in life. Throughout history around the globe, people have foretold the future, reading tarot cards, and telling complete strangers about what is happening in their lives and how to deal with it. Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Awakening from a dream then within a few hours or days’ notice that an event has transpired, and you realize you have seen it all before? Does this mean you’re psychic, not always, but then again, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention?

Psychic or Medium

There have been numerous proven cases that psychics have been able to assist with police investigations in finding missing persons, solving crimes due to dreams and visions. Interpreting these dreams and visions is a skill that many people with a psychic capability have honed over the years. They can visualize in their mind, the crime that has taken place, care capable of touching a personal belonging of the missing person and “reading” (clairtangency-clear touch) through the energy that has been placed on that item.

Mediums have been known to “channel” or allow the deceased to speak through them and a Medium can also speak for them, repeating what they hear. It doesn’t really involve sitting around a table, holding hands in the candlelight trying to speak to the dearly departed. A Medium much like a psychic can sense, hear or feel the energy of the deceased and receives messages from them. It can be a life-altering experience for those who receive these messages as many times it brings comfort and relief.
A medium can be a psychic and a psychic can connect with the dead or Spirit.

What Are the Different Ways to Connect to Spirit?

Many people can connect to Spirit through various methods. The different ways that this is done are:

Clairaudience: Literally translated to clear hearing, the clairaudient can hear sounds or words from the Spirit world. Messages, music, sounds are heard mentally or through the ears which most people would not normally hear.

Clairsentience: A clear sensation or feeling, energy received by the body or within the body without any outward stimulus.

Clairvoyant: A clear vision, psychically within the mind’s eye, usually within an alpha state such as dreaming or meditation. Extrasensory impressions obtained from a higher vibrational frequency, usually images of past, present and future events.

Clairscent: A clear smell is the capability to smell scents or odors that have no reason to be present such as a special perfume, or roses when none are around.

These capabilities or gifts know no boundaries when it comes to age, race, religion, language or demographics. Whether it contacts a shaman or an ordinary person Spirit as energy is always everywhere.