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Get to meet the Biggest Givers on the Donors List! The good that is done by most philanthropic organizations cannot be understated. All philanthropic organizations are nonprofit outfits that earmark all their resources for serving communities round the globe. One good example of a nonprofit organization that does a lot of good is the good old Salvation Army. The army receives donations from people of goodwill to bring some comfort and relief to many who find themselves in distressful situations. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that the biggest U.S based donors gave a total of 5.6 dollars towards philanthropy in the year 2016. A downward trend of donations is notable though,with the years 2014 and 2015 receiving lower amounts than had been received previously. Four of the first nine biggest donors on the list were big tech companies while 16 were people who had made their wealth in finance. Interestingly,20% of the donations came from just 9 of the 50 donors. Wouldn’t it be of great interest to fund raisers in nonprofit organizations to know where all these donations go? Discover who received the 5.6 dollars given away in 2016. Colleges and Universities got almost half of the 5.6 dollars given by the donors on the list. It is possible colleges and universities benefited most from the donations because some of people on the donors list had been students of those organizations.
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It appears like some of the truly wealthy really love art. 293 million dollars of the dollars given went to museums!Can you believe that 293 million dollars were given to museums? 175 million dollars of the donations found home in two museums located in the United States. 75 million dollars went to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art while 100 million of the gift benefited New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
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If you fund raise for a nonprofit organization that is neither a college nor a museum,don’t lose hope,as 328 million dollars in 2016 was directed towards DAFs(Donor-Advised Funds) and your organization would have qualified for such! Some of the individuals on the donors list decide to manage their gifts through giving it over to public charity where they retain full rights as to who is the final recipient of such funds. This arrangement is a win-win one,where the donor gets to enjoy immediate tax benefits that arise when one donates to a charitable organization and nonprofits benefit by receiving these donations if they happen to be the recipient of choice of these wealthy donor. It is a great idea to have a good relationship with the public charity office as they might happen to have one or two donors who approached them for recommendations on who to give their money to.