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Some Information about Bodywork Therapies Bodywork describes a very large range of therapies and alternative medicines. The various ranges cover manipulative therapies like massage, breath work such as those used in meditation and yoga, and through energy medicine like Reiki. Therefore, it can be concluded that bodywork therapies work both ways in energy fields and physical body, and the promotion in mind-body connection. There are two types of bodywork therapies, and these are non-touch body work which includes yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi and other breathing exercises, and manipulative techniques which include massage therapy, Alexander technique, applied kinesiology, bioenergetics, Bowen technique, chiropractic, reflexology and shiatsu and others. Both mental and physical ailments are said to be treated through bodywork practices, and it further treat not only the problem area but also the whole person. The main focus of bodywork therapists are on the release of stress, anxiety and negative emotions by practicing the different techniques through massage, or a session of yoga or through breathing exercises. The aches, pains and illnesses in our bodies are said to be caused by emotions as claimed in the bodywork books. And so, with the treatment of emotions done through non-touch and manipulative techniques, there is an improvement in our health and sense of well-being.
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There are several kinds of bodywork practices, the well known and the less well known practices, and among the less well known practices is the Rolfing technique. Rolfing technique is described as the manipulation of the body’s connective tissues that releases stress patterns in the human form.
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Our body structure and posture are affected through the Rolfing bodywork because of how it manipulates our connective tissues. It is often described as a deep tissue approach since the technique works with all the layers of the body to ease the strain. Chronic stress, spinal curvature are said to reduce through Rolfing technique plus it aids the enhancement of neurological functioning. Because of some physical and emotional traumas leadin to pain and chronic muscle tension, people subject themselves to Rolfing as a solution. Professional athletes use Rolfing to break up scar tissue, rehabilitate their injuries, and increase their capacity of motion thus enhancing their performance and in the avoidance of injuries in the future. Rolfing technique is also used by dancers and musicians to improve their body comfort while performing and avoid repetitive stress injuries. Some manufacturing companies also employ Rolfing techniques to their employees in order to reduce their repetitive stress injuries.The entire body structure has improvement in body alignment and functioning through Rolfing, thereby separating this technique from deep tissue massage, plus it eases tension because of the relief from chronic stresses.