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Guide to Flea and Tick Medication for Cats

You might think that only pet dogs encounter problems with fleas and ticks; this is not so since cats have this problem as well. Once you realize that your pet cat is infested with fleas and ticks, do not wait any longer before looking for a treatment or preventive for this condition. Like flea treatments for dogs, there are also many treatments available for cats.

There are different modes of administration for flea and tick treatments for cats including topical treatments, oral tablets, and collars. You should choose one that your pet prefers. If you want to purchase these medications online, you can do so through different pet supply stores. If you are not able to decide which flea treatment to use for your pet cat, you can read about these below.

Most pet owners choose topical treatment for their cats. The topical treatments are for external use which most pet owners know how to apply. Topical solutions are easy to apply on the pet’s fur on the shoulder blades; you need to empty the whole tube for this treatment. 30 days on the cat’s fur will ensure that this treatment is very effective.

There are certain brands of spot on preventives that destroys both fleas and ticks found on the cat’s body. You can also find branded treatments which is effective even in killing eggs and young fleas and ticks and known to treat a condition known as flea allergy dermatitis. There are also fast acting treatments when applied to cats. The spot-on medication destroys fleas only and is suitable for felines living in areas where ticks are not prominent. Within 3 to 5 minutes of application, flea bites are stopped and kills them all within 12 hours of application.

Collars are easy to use and will provide long term relief from fleas and ticks. When the collar is put on, it releases the ingredients to kill fleas and spreads throughout the cat’s body. You can remove the collar when bathing your car but most collars are safe in the water. When the collar is dry, it will be effective for a long time.

Topical treatments are not for cats that are very fussy. For such kinds of cats, you can try oral suspension technique. Oral suspension is a liquid form that is to be added in the cat’s food and administered. Its taste is agreeable with cats so you will not find it difficult to administer it. When the food is ingested, the medication goes or circulates in the blood stream. it breaks the flea’s life cycle efficiently thus preventing its recurrence. Since these oral treatments do not affect adult fleas, it is recommended to be used two month before fleas becomes active.

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