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Different Outdoor Activities for Your Kids During Summer

The society today is hugely different from what it used to be decades and centuries ago. Long ago, people especially kids love the outdoors. People interact with one another outdoors. Children spent most of their time in the streets and vacant land in the neighborhood. Families even bonded together at the backyard as kids played with their pets and parents joined the fun. And this is no longer very popular in today’s society. As internet and gadgets integrated into society, people have shifted their trend of spending time. A lot of people now prefer to stay indoors playing with their gadgets and accessing the internet.

This trend has alarmed different experts as there are negative impacts as a result of the recent trend. People including kids have an increased case of obesity due to the lack of outdoor physical activities. Their health is compromise as well as their ability to interact with other people. In order to prevent this trend from conquering the society, experts recommend that kids even at an early age should be encouraged to engage in outdoor activities. It should be prioritized during summer vacation. Here are the great things your kids can do during summer.

Sports activities – There are a lot of sports which are played outdoors. There is football, lawn tennis, swimming and volleyball. Basketball is also done outdoors in the neighborhood. Any outdoor sport will do as long as you are comfortable with it. Bring them to summer camp for different sports and one sport could end up getting their interest.

Camping outdoors – Many families also engage in outdoor camping during summer. Going for an overnight camping in nature preserves or parks is exciting. There is also a mountain camping great for star viewing during the night. Just be sure to choose a camping site which is safe for your kids while they are guaranteed to have a great camping experience.

Recreational dance – Another great outdoor activity you can introduce to your kids is recreational dance. There are a lot of options for recreational dance such as ballroom and modern dance. Modern dance like hip-hop is attractive to boys. On the other hand, ballet and ballroom are popular for girls. This is not the case for every child. Consult your kids so they will have a great time training recreational dance.

Travel around the country – Traveling around the country is also a great summer outdoor activity. Just rent an RV or use your family car to travel around the country. One will never get bored traveling around the country. Some even go abroad to travel. A great travel plan will make the tour a great summer experience without wasting money.

Recreational games – You can also use the space around your house. Fun games can be done in the garden or backyard. You can also introduce several outdoor games which you used to play when you were young. You can save a lot as you only have to provide snacks.

Now you know the different outdoor activities for your kids during summer.